Diving into Bitcoin

Start here for integrating the ME wallet into your BTC dApps.

The Magic Eden wallet has native support for all things Bitcoin and Ordinals. Since there are currently not as many go-to wallet frameworks, this section will give you a step by step walkthrough on how to integrate the ME wallet into your dApp. We'll also explore creating and signing PSBTs (partially signed Bitcoin transactions).

The Bitcoin Wallet Standard

The ME Bitcoin wallet makes use of the Bitcoin Wallet Standard by Exodus. This standard makes use of a set of interfaces and conventions designed to improve the user experience and developer experience of wallets and applications.


The wallet also utilizes sats-connect, an easy-to-understand javascript library that connects apps to Bitcoin wallets. Sats-connect enables developers to easily retrieve user wallet addresses + interact with PSBTs


You can find a code demo here that illustrates how to integrate with the ME Wallet, create viable PSBTs, and utilize core sats-connect functions.