Diving into Ethereum

Start here for integrating the ME wallet into your ETH dApps.

Currently, there are two core ways of integrating the Magic Eden Wallet browser extension into your EVM application: Natively, or with the wagmi wallet adapter library. There are many popular wallet connection libraries on the EVM that we are looking to integrate with soon, so be on the lookout!


Wagmi is a React Hooks library for Ethereum. It makes it super simple to connect a wallet, sign messages, interact with contracts and more. New projects can get started using wagmi with a simple cli command:

npm create wagmi@latest

It can also be manually added to existing apps if you are looking to integrate. Be sure to check out their docs for more information.

Direct Integration

Alternatively, you can connect directly to the Magic Eden wallet and facilitate all interactions from there. We'll get to the steps required for this later on in this section.