Import an Existing Wallet

import any existing wallet into your new ME wallet

Step 1

  • Export your secret phrase from your existing wallet provider.
    • This process differs slightly depending on which wallet provider you were previously using. Typically check in 'settings', find your account, and look for a button that says 'reveal secret phrase'.
  • Note down your secret recovery phrase (which you should already have saved offline!!) and proceed to the next step.

Step 2

  • Download the browser extension here.
  • Once installed, make sure to pin the extension.

Step 3

  • Click the extension and go to "I Have A Wallet"

Step 4

  • Enter your secret recovery phrase into the 12-word input. Ensure the phrase is in the correct order.
  • Enter a password that you will use to access your wallet.
  • Click "Restore Wallet Now".

That's it!

Enjoy using your existing account within the ME wallet. If you have more questions please refer to our help articles here.